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It all started with the dream of creating a new agricultura concept that could be sustainable and friendly with the environment. The lack of fresh water and saline intrusion worldwide affects hundreds of people every year, so the focus of the company was to use seawater and salty lands to produce something with those resources. From that idea the company start studying and working with a plant that could tolerate high salinity, a saline seed, a Salicornia seed.


In 2000 thanks to the hard work and understanding the halophytes habitats, Jose Ramon Noriega and his collaborators succeeded in creating the first agriculture camp that can be irrigated with seawater, the first Salicornia field in the world.

In 2017 The complete Noriega family become part of the teamwork and Saline Seed became running as a family business. Nowadays Saline Seed is still producing Salicornia and the research of new halophytes that can be use in areas such as the food industry, construction, biomass production and environmental projects and gardening.

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